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Morgan Stanley Pushed Murky China Stock to Market
The Associated Press: The Associated Press discovered significant discrepancies between financial records and what a Chinese company backed by U.S. banking giant Morgan Stanley reported as part of its $654 million stock offering. (13 Nov 2014)

Tianhe Chemicals Shares Plunge After Long Trading Halt
WSJ: Shares of Tianhe Chemicals Group , the Chinese company accused by “hacktivist” group Anonymous Analytics of falsifying some of its financial reporting, fell 40% after a monthlong trading halt was lifted.
(9 Oct 2014)

Anonymous Exposes Private Prison Company

American Civil Liberties Union: A faction of the hacktivist group released a report this morning concluding that the publicly traded prison operator Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is not an efficient, profitable free-market solution -- but a bad investment for shareholders. (9 July 2013)

IMM Faces Fraud Claims

South China Morning Post: Anonymous Analytics has accused International Mining Machinery (IMM), a mainland coal-mining equipment maker formerly listed in Hong Kong, of committing fraud by claiming a customer base Anonymous Analytics describes as bogus. (12 April 2013)

Anonymous Rattles a Web Giant

Forbes: Anonymous may be best known for knocking websites offline or stealing data, but one faction of the movement is subverting figures of power in a more circumspect way — by trawling through documents and computer code. (3 July 2013)

Financial (Secret) Services

Foreign Policy: A conversation with the mysterious Anonymous analysts who are exposing fraud and corruption in Chinese companies -- and taking them down.
(26 Apr 2012)

Rogue Firm Embarrasses Sell Side Research

Integrity Research: Who are you going to believe? A mid-cap company ranked fourth in its industry globally, operating on 3 continents, followed by a dozen sell side analysts two-thirds of whom with buy recommendations? Or Anonymous Analytics, affiliated with hackers, and almost certainly seeking to benefit from short sales?
(1 May 2012)

Are you Safe from Research Vigilantes?

CFOinnovation: At this point, the vigilantes appear to be targeting the low-hanging fruits first – small companies that are opaque and have a reputation for self-dealing by their majority shareholders. If your company is reasonably transparent and boasts solid governance, it is probably not on their radar. (12 Oct 2011)

Interview with the Financial Times

Financial Times: The group has accused Chaoda Modern Agriculture, one of China’s biggest vegetable producers, of fraud in what the faction says will be the first of many such investigations. It plans both to comb corporate balance sheets itself and solicit WikiLeaks-style submissions from whistleblowers. (27 Sep 2011)

Anonymous and the Global Correction

Al Jazeera: Anonymous is a means by which people across the globe can assist in the hard work being performed by the Tunisian people - who have long taken issue with their government, but first began protesting in earnest after a fruit vendor set himself ablaze in response to police cruelty. (1 Sep 2011)