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Morgan Stanley Pushed Murky China Stock to Market
The Associated Press: The Associated Press discovered significant discrepancies between financial records and what a Chinese company backed by U.S. banking giant Morgan Stanley reported as part of its $654 million stock offering. (13 Nov 2014)

Tianhe Chemicals Shares Plunge After Long Trading Halt
WSJ: Shares of Tianhe Chemicals Group , the Chinese company accused by “hacktivist” group Anonymous Analytics of falsifying some of its financial reporting, fell 40% after a monthlong trading halt was lifted.
(9 Oct 2014)

Anonymous Exposes Private Prison Company

American Civil Liberties Union: A faction of the hacktivist group released a report this morning concluding that the publicly traded prison operator Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is not an efficient, profitable free-market solution -- but a bad investment for shareholders. (9 July 2013)

IMM Faces Fraud Claims

South China Morning Post: Anonymous Analytics has accused International Mining Machinery (IMM), a mainland coal-mining equipment maker formerly listed in Hong Kong, of committing fraud by claiming a customer base Anonymous Analytics describes as bogus. (12 April 2013)

Anonymous Rattles a Web Giant

Forbes: Anonymous may be best known for knocking websites offline or stealing data, but one faction of the movement is subverting figures of power in a more circumspect way — by trawling through documents and computer code. (3 July 2013)

Financial (Secret) Services

Foreign Policy: A conversation with the mysterious Anonymous analysts who are exposing fraud and corruption in Chinese companies -- and taking them down.
(26 Apr 2012)